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At D.N.S Law College, as students traverse the path of learning, they are metamorphosed into honest, sensitive, Courageous and upright individuals, Governing body of D.N.S Law College has Established unique policies and provides leadership in the development of exceptional learning opportunities for students for the purpose of enabling them to achieve success and greater heights in the life.

Our Mission is to help students grow in deep roots of our tradition and at the same time catch the sunshine of modernity.

In the globalised world today and tomorrow the lawyers and law professional are the well-versed in transactional based science and civilization where a lawyer has global layering and thus has to be fully equipped with the knowledge of comprehensive transactional legal system so that the lawyer in a globalized world is capable of taking independent decisions.

Our Institute (D.N.S Law College) assures the students and the civil society that no stone shall be left unturned in order to groom the students admitted in the college as excellent, brilliant & confident lawyers to face the challenges which lie ahead of them in their lives.
The College has played a great roll in producing the law graduates who have occupied the position as advocate in Honorable Supreme Court and Honorable High Court, District Judges & Judicial Officers in District court. The teaching in the college is based on the new syllabus as per instruction of the Bar Council of India. The teaching standard of the college is at par to the best legal institutions in the country